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Marketing Manager City of London, England

Reference: MMET Type: Permanent Start: ASAP Industry: Marketing

Salary: £25000 per annum + 8- 10k in Comms

Marketing Manager Role Description
*Planning and strategy - Strategically plan with the BGM/head of marketing how best to communicate with contacts and drive business growth while effectively managing marketing spend. Review all marketing KPIs to make informed decisions on how best to target contacts.
oEmail - Plan out all email communications - how frequent, the types of updates topical, regional and/or single product, the content and design etc.
oDirect mail - Map out all direct mail communications - how frequent, joint/solo/calendar/catalogue, look and feel
oSales campaigning - Prepare and report on all sales team campaigns - who should be targeted in a campaign, conversion reporting on data covered
o Database building - Forecasting and planning the investment in database building - what job titles and regions need to be targeted, how do we ensure the quality of data, conversion reporting on data researched.
*Course performance review and proactively changing your marketing activity - Review the performance of each course weekly and adapt your marketing activity accordingly e.g. if a course is proving very successful ensure the momentum is maintained and extra promotional activity is focused on the course. Equally underperforming events need pushing. Analyse the business performance on a monthly to identify any booking trends and adapt your marketing approach accordingly after having agreed changes e.g. Africa bookings down 20% on STLY increase emails to the region.
*Process and audit - Apply marketing processes that ensure all marketing activity is accurately targeted and executed in line with the lead times as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will also be expected to audit these thoroughly. Ultimately you're accountable for all marketing output.
oDatabase campaign skeleton frameworks
oPre analysis templates
oCentral campaign targeting reference file
oProofing checklists for brochures for marketers
oProofing checklists for brochures for designers
oEmail structure/key points proofing checklist
oDesigner workload schedule
oNew course action plan lists
oConference campaign plans
oConference marketing action plan tick lists
*Budgeting - Manage and review the marketing budget on a monthly basis to ensure it is aligned with the forecast spend.
*Course Campaigning - Complete management of all training courses for your part of the portfolio
oExcel analysis - delegate profiling
oBrochure proof reading
oDatabase data selection
oEmail execution
oForecasting marketing spend per course and processing the actual invoices
oWebsite updates
oAll sales campaigning activity
*Conference Campaigning - same as the above with the addition of the following items:
oConference research planning & proposed action plan
oMicrosite development
oPartner development (associations and media partners)
*Testing new marketing approaches - Challenge the current marketing approach and test new initiatives - local advertising, PPC, working with instructors on building content, developing our social media presence etc.

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